The present moment asks for Anjali Mudra

Placing the palm of my hands gently and the thumbs slightly right at the core of my being, always brings me back to my heart and makes me feel present and connected with the world .

It is hard some days to live in this “Covid World” and that is why I feel the need to share Anjali Mudra today.

Anjali Mudra is only one of the many types of ancestral hand postures that have been used in cultures for dancing, rituals and Yoga.

Here in America we incorrectly translate this gesture as a posture of “just” salutation or prayer, but this mudra also means offering in Sanskrit.

It usually comes together with the prayer Namaste which is translated as “I bow to the divinity within you from the divinity within me”

When I practice Anjali Mudra:

🙏 I am releasing the stress and anxious mind of today’s uncertain world

🙏 I am connecting the right and creative side of my brain with the structured left hemisphere of my brain

🙏 I am becoming aware of the present moment and the presence of the other

The present moment is filled with uncertainty and fake connection. I invite you all to practice Anjali Mudra to change that so that we can all bring unity and promote connectivity within ourselves and our communities.


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