Emotional Ecology can help us navigate challenging situations

Emotional Ecology teaches us to manage and direct the energy we receive from the emotional world to improve the relationship with others, the world and ourselves.

In challenging situations like the one we have been living for the last 6/8 months, feelings and emotions could be overwhelming for everyone: tots, kids, teens and adults.

We must be ready to manage those emotions with loving kindness and compassion towards the world and ourselves.

Here are 3 tips:

1 Think emotions are our friends, not our enemies

2 Learn to rely on your body and your breathing; let those emotions show up within you

3 Accept, feel and name those emotions; then let them go

When we manage feelings this way we are applying the 4R’s in the Ecology of emotions.

♻️Recycle the emotions learn to observe the way you react to emotions let those feelings flow, they will come to visit and then they’ll go

♻️Reduce judgements and avoid being critical with yourself and with others

♻️Reuse everything that you did that worked in your life and that had positive outcomes in the end.

♻️Repair and understand the life cycle of feelings and relationships

We are the only ones in charge of our lives, responsible for our actions and thoughts.

We can help spread this message within our small communities and teach them tools, like yoga and meditation to improve the capacity to deal with emotions.

Let’s make a big difference by taking one small step each day.


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