Mudras: Magic in your hands

Mudras are kind of little yoga poses for our hands.

Mudras are simple hand and finger gestures used in Yoga and Meditation Practices.

In Sanskrit, mudra means “sealing in the energy”. When we use them in our practice, each finger represents an element:

🙏 thumb=fire

🙏 index=air

🙏 middle=space/ether

🙏 ring=earth

🙏 pinky=water

According to the book Benefits of Yoga, Meditation, Philosophy & The Science of Yoga, through mudras energy is directed through the body’s channels (the nadis), the central nerve locations (chakras along the spinal cord), and the brain. By connecting and rerouting energy through the fingers, you can balance and heal the body.

Here is one of the most common mudras in Yoga and the how to:

Jnana Mudra: it helps you engage and focus. This one represents you and the universe connecting as one.

Place your hands on your knees or where they feel comfortable-palms up and open your hands like a starfish.

Bring your index fingers in to touch the tips of the thumbs (each hand should look like it is making the “OK” gesture).

Mudras are very good for self-soothing, energizing, settling emotions, and focusing. They are kind of little Yoga poses for our hands, they make use of the energy  (the prana) flowing through your body.

Allow yourself and the kids in your life to experience all the wonderful world of

Yoga, I promise you will not regret it! Write to me and I will tell you more about it. 🙏

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