Love Meditation

Let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day with a beautiful LKM

Are you ready for some wonderful Loving Kindness from Sharon Salzburg?

Imagine that you are sending love to yourself. How would you do this?

Would you mail yourself a valentine? Would you use your voice?

Would you give yourself a hug? Would you blow yourself a kiss?

Now tell each part of your body that you love it: I love you, feet. I love you, legs. I love you, belly. I love you, back. I love you, arms. I love you, face. Notice how your body feels when you tell it that you love it. ❤️

Now think of someone you love very much. Maybe someone in your family or your best friend. Send them some love. Now think of someone who is mean or unfriendly. Send this person some love, too. Sometimes people are mean because they don’t feel loved. So send this person some extra love. ❤️

Now think of all the people all over the world. Send them some love, too. Now imagine all of these people you sent love to… And now imagine that all of those people send love back to you. ❤️

❤️🧡💛💚💙 let’s love more, not only today but every day of the year.

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