The present moment is your treasure.

“I would say that mindfulness is paying attention to this moment, to the here and now. It’s about not thinking about something that has happened before, or something that might happen — it’s noticing what’s happening now.Paying attention to what is going on in the present moment: what can I hear, what can I see, what can I feel?”


We are all in a hurry these days so here are a few mindfulness exercises to remind us that we can help our minds feel calm and at ease through yoga, meditation and mindfulness.


Starting laying down in any position -the idea is to relax the body part by part. Starting with the toes and feet, tense and scrunch up the muscles, before relaxing them out and releasing the tension.

Continue up the body and finish with pulling a silly face using all your face muscles, and then letting go and completely relaxing.

Finally, slowly wake up by wiggling the toes, fingers and each body part in turn again.

Visualization and the senses

Visualization is a brilliant way to focus the mind on relaxing.

Laying in a comfy position on the floor or a bed, imagine that you are on a big, comfy beach towel, listening to the sea.

Think of the sounds there, seagulls, waves splashing. Feel the sand between your toes and fingers, and the sea breeze on your face. Maybe you could also have a big ice-cream to eat, what flavor did you get? how does it taste?

And here is a last mindfulness exercise:

The Sound of silence 

1 Sit up straight and breathe in and out only through your nose.

2 Be very still like a statue.

3 Close your eyes and listen.

4 Besides the sounds around you, what do you hear? It is the silence! What does it tell you? How does it feel?

Sounds play a very important role in creating the right mood for mindfulness. From calming sounds like the wind blowing through the trees to serene music playing silently in the background, there are a host of sounds that can help with relaxation.

Hope you enjoy incorporating these into your daily routine. 🤗

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