Biodanza is the language of the Self

During my classes I enjoy sharing concepts from this beautiful system called Biodanza.

Do you know what it is?

The word Biodanza comes from the Greek term bio (life) and the Spanish dance, that is: the dance of life.

It was created in 1960  by the Chilean anthropologist and psychologist Rolando Toro Araneda. 

A Biodanza session is generally divided into three parts:

1. communication and sharing of experiences

2. very active movements

3. relaxation

Here are some of its benefits:

– It promotes social skills

– improves motor skills (coordination, rhythm, balance, fluency)

– creativity and improvisation capacity grows (there are no choreographies so children have freedom of movement)

– Works the right hemisphere

– Encourages proactive mindset

This dance helps me in the search for the self and for the children that attend my classes.

We welcome the calmness and Joy this beautiful dance gives us. ❤️

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