Mudras: Magic in your hands

Mudras are kind of little yoga poses for our hands. Mudras are simple hand and finger gestures used in Yoga and Meditation Practices. In Sanskrit, mudra means “sealing in the energy”. When we use them in our practice, each finger represents an element: 🙏 thumb=fire 🙏 index=air 🙏 middle=space/ether 🙏 ring=earth 🙏 pinky=water According toSigue leyendo “Mudras: Magic in your hands”

Why learn a foreign language?

Knowledge of a foreign language, especially English – is essential for our children’s personal development and social well-being. Language is one of the means by which we express our thoughts and feelings, and communicate and connect with others. Here are my top 2 benefits of learning English: 🗣 It improves memory function and mental flexibilitySigue leyendo “Why learn a foreign language?”

LKM es la meditación de la bondad que elegimos practicar en Flowy

En español se la conoce como la meditación de la bondad-amorosa o la meditación del amor incondicional. Loving Kindness Meditation es una meditación centrada en cultivar la compasión, la bondad, la buena voluntad y el amor por uno mismo y por los demás. Si bien la meditación LKM se origina en las tradiciones budistas, ahoraSigue leyendo “LKM es la meditación de la bondad que elegimos practicar en Flowy”

Emotional Ecology can help us navigate challenging situations

Emotional Ecology teaches us to manage and direct the energy we receive from the emotional world to improve the relationship with others, the world and ourselves. In challenging situations like the one we have been living for the last 6/8 months, feelings and emotions could be overwhelming for everyone: tots, kids, teens and adults. WeSigue leyendo “Emotional Ecology can help us navigate challenging situations”